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The Spray Box Mini


The Spray Box Mini is one of our most versatile Spray Boxes! It’s small, portable, and fits just about anywhere. Strap it to the racks of an ATV. Put in the back of a Jeep or SUV. Also fits nicely in the trunk of a car. Other options are on the floor of a boat, bed of a truck the back of a golf cart or UTV. The Spray Box Mini can be plugged into a 12v outlet or hardwired directly to the battery. It holds five gallons of water, providing the user 8-10 minutes of continuous spray, dependent on the spray nozzle setting. All our products use the same pump and sub-components meaning they all function the same. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions concerning this product.

Kit includes – 12v cigarettes power cord (6’ in length)


Key Features:
Aquatec 5800 Series Water Pump- Commercial grade, High-Pressure/Low Volume flow rate, 100 PSI. Made in the USA

5 Gallon Water Tank: Low profile design takes up minimal space. It's 5” lid opening allows easy access for cleaning & maintaining the system. The portable model measures 10” X 22” X 8”

Coil Hose: 12’ or 25’ options- Freelin-Wade brand, commercial grade. Made in the USA. Manufactured out of polyurethane giving it excellent “recoil memory” that minimizes hose tangles, common with cheaper type hoses used on comparable type sprayers

Custom Garden Spray Nozzle: Our spray nozzles are designed specifically for our water pumps. This spray nozzle creates a high-pressure water stream using a minimal amount of water. (100 PSI @ .64 GPM, dependant on nozzle setting) Our spray nozzle can only be used with high pressure/low volume water pumps. It will not work if connected to standard garden hose.

Strain Relief: Eliminates strain to the diaphragms pump’s fittings by securely fastening the coil hose to the water tank, not the pump itself.

Industrial In-line Strainer/Filter: Nylon mesh, will not rust out like a metal strainers do. Prevents debris/trash from entering the water pump