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Jeep'n with The Spray Box

c/o Straight Lifted 4x4   March 17, 2014  Do you own a Jeep? Do you like taking it off-road? Is a good mud hole something you challenge yourself to go through instead of avoiding? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a Spray Box might be right for you! So what is a Spray Box? The Spray Box is a freshwater rinsing system that mounts in the...

Protecting you property from saltwater corrosions

In case you haven’t heard, saltwater corrosion is a major problem. It will destroy all types of metals and rubber components it comes in contact with if they are not properly taken care of.  Saltwater corrosion affects gear used by boaters, jet skiers, kayakers, wade fishermen, scuba divers, kite boards, paddle boards, etc. If you participate in an outdoor of activity that that takes place in or around saltwater, please...